How to choose the freshest head of lettuce

It can be hard to choose fresh produce. There are a few key things to look for with lettuce, specifically butter leaf lettuce:

1. Color

Choose lettuce that has vibrant medium green leaves. The leaves should not be spotty or striped, as these are signs of rotting or nutrient deficiency.

2. Leaf texture

Ensure that the leaves stand upright on their own and don’t flop over. Look for breakable leaves instead of tough leaves. Know that our lettuce has zero preservatives and is indisputably fresh.

3. Freshness

If a date is provided on the lettuce, check it. Try to buy lettuce that has only been harvested a few days before consumption. Traditionally farmed lettuce can be harvested weeks before brought to market.

4. Origin

It is always best to buy food close to the source. Buy local lettuce or look for lettuce grown in the United States for a local production, local consumption model.

5. Packaging

Look for the lettuce with the least amount of packaging. Bring reusable bags to take the lettuce home to ensure a zero footprint.