Fast food become the norm: Chipotle making a splash

In a go-go-go culture it’s hard to take time the time required to grow our own food. The Merchant’s Garden eliminates this step while still allowing you to connect to where your food comes from. No more confusion on whats on and/or in your food.

In a growing interest to promote local and fresher food, major companies have been pushing campaigns that are critical of the current food system. Most notably, we recently stumbled on a Chipotle campaign. Chipotle has made a major splash with two short, effective commercials depicting that current agriculture has gotten away from the way things should be done.

The first, “Back to the Start”, was uploaded to Youtube in August 2011.

The second, “The Scarecrow”, was uploaded about a year ago. An interactive game was produced as an extension to this video.

At the Merchant’s Garden we love to see big companies making changes to, in the words of Coldplay and Chipotle, “going back to the start” is a tune we want to sing.