Agriculture and Deforestation

South America is home to the Amazonian Rain forest, one of the world's largest and most diverse forests. Yet in the last 40 years, 20% of this forest has disappeared, due to deforestation for agriculture, cattle pastures, and urbanization. Brazil has experienced an accelerated rate of deforestation due to their huge meat export industry. The meat industry is the largest economy in all of Latin America, but that might change for Brazil. Two days ago police in Brazil raided and arrested many federal inspectors, with allegations that they were being bribed to allow expired food to be sold, and unsanitary practices to go unchecked. On an average day in March Brazil exports $63 million worth of meat, yet after these events transpired, that number dropped to just $74,000 on March 21st. This will be interesting for both Brazilian meat exports, and the future of the Amazonian Rainforest. Do you think this will end up decreasing deforestation?