Monstano - What are your opinions?

Monstanto, a company based in St. Louis recently purchased 155 acres of land outside of Tucson, in Marana. This purchase has stirred up some emotion here in Tucson, due to the company's infamous presence in the food industry. The company focuses on its production of genetically modified soybean and corn, and the greenhouse in Marana will be used to further research this. Some farmers are excited about this move, due to Monsanto's research that can increase crop resiliency and production yields. Yet other farms are concerned due to their immense amount of power in the agriculture industry that could be considered too large a share of market power. Environmentalist are concerned due to the company's use and creation of "Round-up" pesticide. Others are concerned because the company is lobbying for large tax breaks for their newly purchased land.  Finally the 'Foodies' of Tucson are concerned that the company's presence will discredit and even overturn our recently designated UNSECO City of Gastronomy. What do you think about this issue? We would love to hear the opinions of our friends and customers!