Urbanization in Arizona


Arizona cities are known throughout the country as being incredible vast and wide, but not very tall. Tucson and Phoenix have spread to cover a huge amount of land. Unlike cities like New York and San Francisco, Arizona cities do not have bodies of water preventing their growth. Most large cities must therefore grow tall, instead of wide. Without those barriers the Phoenix metro area has spread to an alarming 10,000 square miles, compared to Manhattan which takes up only 22 square miles.  This equates to 410 people per sq mile in Phoenix, and 73,000 people per square mile in New York City. Although many people living in Arizona choose this state because of the amount of space available, growth like this is not sustainable. This is exactly why organizations like the Arizona Land and Water Trust are important, because we need legal barriers instead of physical barriers to prevent urbanization of desert lands. The members of the Arizona Land and Water Trust have toured our facilities a couple times; we hope we can be an example the potential benefits for urban Greenhouses, especially considering you can grow the same amount of food as traditional agriculture, but use at least 25% less space. 

Arizona Land and Water Trust tours the greenhouse, and Chaz gives a mini-lesson on the science behind Aquaponics