Will Vegans save the world?

Since grade-school, we've always been told to eat more vegetables. But now, it's not just something your mom, doctor, or a health magazine told you to do. Now organizations like the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization are telling the world, "Eat More Vegetables!" This is because a diet high in animal products has been affecting the output of greenhouse gases. First we must grow food for the animals to eat, then we must transport that food to the animals, and huge amounts of Methane form from cow waste. Eating animal products adds a "trophic level" to the food chain and makes our food consumption less efficient. Although more studies need to be done, it is estimated the animal agriculture industry contributes up to 51% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Many researchers and doctors  say you don't need to cut out animal products entirely, but being aware of your diet's efficiency could help the earth long-term. So... maybe our Moms were right all along?